Covid-19 Update (09/04/20)

On Sunday 5 April, South Sudan reported its first case diagnosed case of Covid-19 Coronavirus. Continuing to work closely with our partners on the ground and wider contacts in the country, we’re supporting the call for a coordinated global response that can help to support fragile states like South Sudan.

We continue to follow WHO data closely to keep updated and are assessing what we may be able to do to urgently support primary health care at this time.


Health Care South Sudan seeks to play its part in making the war-torn country a viable place in which to live.

We work to deliver sustainable primary healthcare services and facilities to communities struggling with the effects of conflict in South Sudan.

The charity works in partnership with grass-roots organisations on the ground and aid agencies that recognise the country’s desperate need for trained health workers at every level.
Our aim is to widen access to vastly improved health care and hygiene in a part of the world that needs it most. We want to support sustainable primary healthcare that will give the people of South Sudan a better chance for the future.

Handwashing and Sanitation in Torit

We’ve recently been supporting a grassroots project that has successfully improved sanitation in the six villages of Ofirha, located 35km west of the town of Tort. This work is making a real and lasting difference to war torn communities.

We are supporting a Handwashing and Hygiene Project in the area, designed to deliver training that promotes preventative measures against cholera and other waterborne diseases.

The project has provided training on basic hygiene, water related diseases, prevention of water and hygiene related diseases including information about the transmission of diseases and the importance sanitation through sweeping compounds and keeping animals in a separate place. This has been delivered through workshops and practical application in the community, for example the digging of pit latrines and construction of simple handwashing facilities.

You can read more about the project, its success and our future ambitions to continue work in the area on our blog.