27 March2017
Health Care South Sudan

Building New Health Centres in South Sudan

Introducing Green Technology

Maintenance of the solar power supply to the Sudan Health Association clinic at Jalimo, Kajo Keji County is essential.  It provides the lighting to the clinic, wards, delivery suite and the training school at night and to the microscope (used for diagnosing Malaria and other tropical diseases) by day.

A bore hole close to the health centre – Women fill the 20 litre plastic jerry cans from the hand operated pump and carry them home for cooking and washing

Health Care South Sudan (HCSS) have funded the training of a local health worker to manage the system.  There are few electricians in South Sudan and very few places where training is available. At a recent visit our Chairman, Mike, reviewed outcome of this initiative and discussed the training received.

HCSS assessed the practicality of using solar power to pump water from the bore hole using solar power.  It has been decided that at the moment a small generator is the most cost effective method.  The extra power is required for the water to be stored in tanks raised on a scaffold so that a supply of water is available in the clinic directly through pipes, reducing the constant need for assistants to carry water in containers from the bore hole.

Water Supply

Provision of clean, accessible water is one highly effective way of improving basic local health care. Health Care South Sudan is lending financial, technical and administrative support for the provision of clean water.

Primary Health Care co-ordination

Health Care South Sudan supported a Doctor to co-ordinate primary health care services across Kajo Keji, enabling the South Sudanese Health Association to secure longer-term funding as well as improving the primary health care services vital to the health of the county’s population.

With thanks…

Anton Jurgens Trust

HCSS are most grateful to the Anton Jurgens Trust.

Esther in the new ward with mosquito nets – Basic equipment – like bed nets – have an enormously positive impact for little outlay

The funds they have provided are to be used by the Sudan Health Association to employ senior technical support. A programme of review of the health services provided in the 26 village clinics will be undertaken and the health care staff given refresher training. This will ensure that the clinical practices of the staff are maintained and updated. This would not have been possible without the support of the AJT.

Bircham, Dyson, Bell

Health Care South Sudan would like to extend thanks to Bircham, Dyson, Bell for their donation. The funds will help HCSS to expand its operations this year, bringing sustainable health care to more people across South Sudan, particularly with regards to maternal mortality. This will make a real difference to the lives of many.